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Enhancement of Ohmic heating by Hall current in magnetized capacitively coupled discharges

: Zheng, B.C.; Wang, K.; Grotjohn, T.; Schuelke, T.; Fan, Q.H.


Plasma sources science & technology 28 (2019), Nr.9, Art.09LT03, 6 S.
ISSN: 0963-0252
Fraunhofer CCD ()

In low-pressure capacitively coupled discharges, a heating mode transition from a pressure-heating dominated state to an Ohmic-heating dominated state is known by applying a small transverse magnetic field. Here we demonstrate via particle-in-cell simulations and a moment analysis of the Boltzmann equation that the enhancement of Ohmic heating is induced by the Hall current in the ${\boldsymbol{E}}\times {\boldsymbol{B}}$ direction. As the magnetic field increases, the Ohmic heating in the ${\boldsymbol{E}}\times {\boldsymbol{B}}$ direction dominates the total electron power absorption. The Ohmic heating induced by the Hall current can be well approximated from the Ohmic heating of unmagnetized capacitively coupled discharges.