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Investigations of ETPE formulations for additive manufacturing

: Schaller, Uwe; Mitró, Daniel; Böhnlein-Mauß, Jutta; Keicher, Thomas

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Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie -ICT-, Pfinztal:
Energetic materials. Past, present and future : 50th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT, June 25-28, 2019, Convention Center, Karlsruhe, Germany
Pfinztal: Fraunhofer ICT, 2019
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Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (International Annual Conference) <50, 2019, Karlsruhe>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Additive manufacturing methods are emerging fields that are under investigation for production of propellants and explosives. Fraunhofer ICT investigated GAP-based EPTE formulations as a starting point for energetic filaments that can be processed according to the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) method. For high energy content an energetic crystalline filler (e.g. RDX, HMX) content above 50wt% is needed. However, the viscosities of the energetic filament formulations are then too high and these formulations cannot easily be processed by commercial FDM printers. We tested 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN) and the energetic ionic liquid 4-amino-1-butyl-1,2,4-triazolium nitrate (C4 N) as an additive to reduce viscosity and therefore enable processability via FDM printers.