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Metal-Organic frameworks and their applications

: Bharadwaj, Parimal Kanti; Feng, Pingyun; Kaskel, Stefan; Xu, Qiang


Chemistry 14 (2019), Nr.20, S.3450-3451
ISSN: 1861-4728
ISSN: 1861-471X
Fraunhofer IWS ()

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), also known as porous coordination polymers (PCPs), are an emerging class of porous materials. Due to their structural and functional tunability and diversity as well as their rich applications, the field of MOFs is rapidly growing not only in chemistry but in materials science also. This has been demonstrated by the ever increasing number of publications on MOFs and its citations, which is a result of the constant expansion of research scope and interdiscilpinary researcher engagements. With the maturation of the synthetic methodology, structural characterization, and functionality modification, MOF research has entered into a new era, with great efforts dedicated to their applications in a variety of directions.