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Parameter Estimation Strategies in Thermodynamics

: Höller, Johannes; Bickert, Patricia; Schwartz, Patrick; Kurnatowski, Martin von; Kerber, Joachim; Künzle, Niklaus; Lorenz, Hilke-Marie; Asprion, Norbert; Blagov, Sergej; Bortz, Michael

Volltext ()

ChemEngineering 3 (2019), Nr.2, Art. 56, 23 S.
ISSN: 2305-7084
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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Many thermodynamic models used in practice are at least partially empirical and thus require the determination of certain parameters using experimental data. However, due to the complexity of the models involved as well as the inhomogeneity of available data, a straightforward application of basic methods often does not yield a satisfactory result. This work compares three different strategies for the numerical solution of parameter estimation problems, including errors both in the input and in the output variables. Additionally, the new idea to apply multi-criteria optimization techniques to parameter estimation problems is presented. Finally, strategies for the estimation and propagation of the model errors are discussed.