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Multi-functional powder coating materials for material bonding in metal-plastic joints

Presentation held at Conference "Modern Materials and Manufacturing", 23-26 April 2019, Tallinn
Multifunktionale Pulverbeschichtungsmaterialien zur stoffschlüssige Anbindung in Metall-Kunststoff-Verbindungen
: Gedan-Smolka, Michaela; Kühnert, Ines; Scholz, Peter; Garray, Didier

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2019, 19 Folien
Conference "Modern Materials and Manufacturing" <2019, Tallinn>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Metall-Kunststoff-Verbunde; Hybridbauteil; Pulverlack; Haftvermittler

Caused by the demands of lowering the fuel consumption the transportation industry enhances their efforts of weight-reduction. For that reason a multi-material design and the use of polymeric and polymeric fiber reinforced structures become more and more important. The steadily increasing use of these materials in combination with metal parts made it necessary to change the joining technologies from mechanical joining to adhesive joining. Therefore a further technology step is needed whereas the glue is applied, followed by the assembling. Our goal was to develop powder coating materials with an additional latent adhesive function which not only act as corrosion protection for the metal and for the optical appearance but also comprise a latent reactive adhesive function which can be used to generate metal-plastic joints via highly efficient production chains.