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Updates on the PeNCIL project

: Pancrazzi, M.; Landini, F.; Baccani, C.; Romoli, M.; Noce, V.; Focardi, M.; Casini, C.; Dinescu, A.; Adam, G.; Scippa, A.; Giachi, G.; Beier, M.


Il nuovo cimento. C, Colloquia and communications in physics 42 (2019), Art. 25, 5 S.
ISSN: 2037-4909
ISSN: 1826-9885
Fraunhofer IOF ()

By comparing measured and expected polarization in the HI Lyα 121.6 nm coronal emission line it is possible to infer the magnetic field in the solar corona. PeNCIL is the ideal device to perform such a measurement. It is a light transmitting polarimeter optimized at 121.6 nm, completely free of mechanical moving parts, thought as part of an internally occulted coronagraph to be flown aboard a future small solar mission. Its optical components are in de Senarmont configuration: a fixed MgF2 quarter wave retarder, a nano-wire grid polarizer (nano-WGP) and a MgF2 variable retarder modulated through a calibrated piezo-clamp (PCVR). The nano-WGP and the PCVR represent a first-ever achievement in the history of technology development for VUV. The nano-WGP fabrication is at the edge of the current nanotechnology since the pitch between wires shall be 40 nm. The PCVR is based on a MgF2 parallelepipedic sample refractive index variations as produced by a piezo-electric clamp. This work addresses the status of the project with particular emphasis on the design and manufacturing of the nano-WGP and the PCVR.