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Graphene wrapped MXene via plasma exfoliation for all-solid-state flexible supercapacitors

: Wang, K.; Zheng, B.; Mackinder, M.; Baule, N.; Qiao, H.; Jin, H.; Schuelke, T.; Fan, Q.H.


Energy storage materials 20 (2019), S.299-306
ISSN: 2405-8297
Fraunhofer CCD ()

Two dimensional transition metal carbides and nitrides, known as MXenes, are promising materials for energy storage. Although superior capacitance performance has been demonstrated using MXene electrodes in supercapacitors, the relatively high resistance and inefficient separation process limit the materials applications. This work reports an innovative facile method combined with plasma exfoliation to fabricating graphene-wrapped MXene. This method includes two key aspects: 1) incorporating graphite oxide (GO) into MXene, and 2) plasma exfoliating of GO-modified MXene. The resulting materials, denoted as MXene@rGO, have a layered structure with reduced graphene on the MXene surfaces. All-solid-state flexible supercapacitors have been fabricated using the MXene@rGO materials. Comparing to regular MXene, the MXene@rGO supercapacitors exhibited two times higher specific capacitance as well as excellent charge/discharge and mechanical stability. This research has the potential to lead to the development of new electrode materials that significantly promote the capacity of energy storage.