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Usability of electrophoretic deposition for additive manufacturing of ceramics

: Vogt, L.; Schäfer, M.; Kurth, D.; Raether, F.


Ceramics international : CI 45 (2019), Nr.11, S.14214-14222
ISSN: 0272-8842
Fraunhofer ISC ()

The potential of electrophoretic deposition of ceramic particles for additive manufacturing of 3D structures is investigated. A custom-made test setup is constructed using a hollow electrode for the supply of a ceramic suspension and a tip c electrode for focused deposition of particles on the surface of a membrane. Parameters like voltage, electrode distance, suspension flow rate, etc. are systematically varied to study their impact on the deposition yield and the morphology of the deposited structures. Experimental work is supported by computer simulations on the electrical field distribution within the electrode area. Although detrimental phenomena like electrohydrodynamic effects occur, we have shown that the technique offers opportunities for future 3D printing of ceramics.