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‘Federica’s MOOC’ (Massive Open Online Course): A blended course in engineering drawing at Federico II

: Lanzotti, A.; Calise, M.; Molaro, M.; Papa, S.; Patalano, S.; Renno, F.


International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing 13 (2019), Nr.3, S.1115-1128
ISSN: 1955-2513
ISSN: 1955-2505
Fraunhofer JL IDEAS ()

The key findings about the use of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) at University of Naples Federico II are shown. In particular, the Engineering Drawing course for Industrial Engineering students was the pilot to evaluate the benefits of new Web-Based Platforms and Environments in higher education. The combination of In-Class and On-Line lessons is defined "Blended Course" and can be attended by students both in traditional classrooms and On-Line. It was provided during the last four academic years allowing the use of new tools (e.g., multimedia contents, interactive files). Thanks to about 7000 students involved in this project, several data were gathered for statistics and analysis purposes. Therefore, the access to the MOOC was monitored and the correlation with the homework was examined. At the end of the course, the level of satisfaction of the students about the interaction with the new platform was evaluated. The analysis of the results provided useful hints for the updating of the course in order to improve skills and interactive experience.