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Digital servitization business models in ecosystems: A theory of the firm

: Kohtamäki, M.; Parida, V.; Oghazi, P.; Gebauer, H.; Baines, T.

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Journal of business research : JBR 104 (2019), S.380-392
ISSN: 0148-2963
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This study extends the discussion of digital servitization business models by adopting the perspective of the theory of the firm. We use four theories of the firm (industrial organization, the resource-based view, organizational identity, and the transaction cost approach) to understand digital servitization business models of firms in the context of ecosystems. Digitalization transforms the business models of solution providers and shapes their firm boundary decisions as they develop digital solutions across organizational boundaries within ecosystems such as harbors, mines, and airports. Thus, digitalization not only affects individual firms' business models but also requires the alignment of the business models of other firms within the ecosystem. Hence, business models in digital servitization should be viewed from an ecosystem perspective. Based on a rigorous literature review, we provide suggestions for future research on digital servitization business models with in ecosystems.