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Application of a portable nuclear magnetic resonance surface probe to porous media

: Marko, A.; Wolter, B.; Arnold, W.


Journal of magnetic resonance 185 (2007), Nr.1, S.19-27
ISSN: 0022-2364
ISSN: 1090-7807
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); one-sided access NMR (OSA NMR); porous media; diffusion coefficient

A portable nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) surface probe was used to determine the time-dependent self-diffusion coefficient D(t) of water molecules in two fluid-filled porous media. The measuring equipment and the inhomogeneous magnetic fields in the sensitive volume of the probe are described. It is discussed how to evaluate D(t) using a surface probe from the primary and stimulated echoes generated in three-pulse experiments. Furthermore, the evaluation of D(t) allows one to determine the geometrical structure of porous materials.