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Open Data Spaces

Towards the IDS Open Data Ecosystem
: Bohlen, Vincent; Bruns, Lina; Menz, Nadja; Kirstein, Fabian; Schimmler, Sonja

Dortmund: International Data Spaces Association, 2018, 28 S.
Position paper of the members of the IDS association
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

A relevant aspect of the International DataSpaces ecosystem is the allocation and application of Open Data. Typical examples for Open Data are weather data, traffic information or geographical data. Evidently, such data can be significant to enhance data-driven businesses and many IDS use cases. Especially, it concerns both core aspects of the IDS: the data provision and the data use. Although, traditionally Open Data is mostly provided by public institutions, it can be assumed that industries will become significant providers of Open Data in the future. The rapid growth of applying advanced data processing and data exchange in the industry sector will foster new strategies and business models for opening previously closed or yet undiscovered data. Open Data is widely accepted as a driver of innovation and an anchor for trust and transparency. Companies are already harnessing the benefits of using Open Data in order to improve decision-making, streamline business processes and increase efficiency. A better integration of Open Data and IDS data sources and specifications would increase efficiency and nurture both ecosystems. An easier and optimized integration of OpenData in industry processes and access to new industry data sources for the public and data enthusiasts is enabled. This position paper gives an overview of this topic related to concepts, technologies and use cases of the International Data Spaces. In the first section Open Data Overview, the current organizational and technical state of Open Data is reported and its relevance for both, the industry and the public sector is characterized. In the second section IDS and Open Data, significant intersections and potentials of joining the principles and specifications of the International Data Spaces and the concept of Open Data are highlighted. The outcome of this section is transferred into a practical architecture and software artefacts in the third section. The IDS Open Data Ecosystem. Hence, this position paper delivers practical guidelines and solutions to harness the full potential of combining Open Data and IDS in order to initiate a short-term adoption. Successively, the practical artifacts will be made available for actual application, reuse and further development.