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The preparation of high quality oriented diamond thin films via low temperature and hydrogen ion etched nucleation

: Gu, C.; Jiang, X.; Jin, Z.


Diamond and Related Materials 8 (1999), Nr.2-5, S.262-266
ISSN: 0925-9635
Fraunhofer IST ()
diamond; hydrogen ions etching; orientation; thermal conductivity

A three-step process was used to prepare high quality [001]-oriented diamond films. First, diamond crystallites were nucleated for 20 min on Si (001) at a temperature around 740øC by bias-enhance method, during this step the portion of diamond nuclei [001]-oriented crystallites was increased in comparison to the nuclei deposited by a two-step method. Then hydrogen ions etching was performed for 30 min by setting an electrical potential of -140V. After etching step most of the crystallites were [001]-oriented and twinned crystallites disappeared. Finally, diamond thin films were deposited under conventional conditions for a [001]-textured growth. SEM was used to analyse the morphology of diamond crystallites and films. The results indicate that large area, uniform and [001]-oriented diamond thin films can be prepared by the three-step growth. The films show a good Raman characteristics and higher thermal conductivity than those deposited by a two-step process.