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Metrological Production Control for Ultra-flexible Factories

: Schlegel, Thilo; Siegert, Jörg; Bauernhansl, Thomas

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Erstellt am: 30.7.2019

Procedia CIRP 81 (2019), S.1313-1318
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS) <52, 2019, Ljubljana>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Fabrikorganisation; Produktionsoptimierung; Cyber-Physisches Produktionssystem; Fertigungsplanung; Production Planning and Control (PPC); Produktionssteuerung

Ultra-flexible factories must meet the requirements of mass personalization. The basis is provided by means of modular, mobile machines which can be constantly reconfigured and positioned depending on the current production order. The numerous possible ways the order can take through the production lead to a high complexity, especially for individualized products. Currently, there is a lack of methods to manage this complex order flow and to control the production according to multi-criteria specifications. By combining metrological methods and a waste-oriented manufacturing logic, it is intended to enable production control for flexible value-added systems within specific time and economic tolerances