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Comment on "exposure to microplastics (<10 μm) associated to plastic bottles mineral water consumption: The first quantitative study by Zuccarello et al. [Water Research 157 (2019) 365-371]"

: Oßmann, Barbara; Schymanski, Darena; Ivleva, Natalia P.; Fischer, Dieter; Fischer, Franziska; Dallmann, Gerald; Welle, Frank


Water Research 162 (2019), S.516-517
ISSN: 0043-1354
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Microplastics in food is a relatively new research field with only few studies available so far. Scientists have been pointing out that some of these studies apply questionable analytical methods. Nevertheless, media often use such results to gain attention of the readers. It is therefore of particular significance, that only those scientific studies are published, clearly presenting valid data on the content of microplastics in food. Unfortunately, the study by Zuccarello et al. shows very critical aspects regarding analytical methods used and conclusions made. The applied procedure is not described and, therefore, does not allow any assessment by other groups, which is indispensable prerequisite of any scientific publication. Moreover, the analytical method used for the identification and quantification of microplastic particles – SEM-EDX – is not sound and not validated. Therefore, in our opinion the results on the contamination of bottled mineral water with microplastics published by Zuccarello et al. are more than questionable.