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Hybride Erwerbsformen - Geschlechter- und branchenspezifische Unterschiede

Hybrid forms of employment: Gender- and sector-specific differences
: Gruber, Julia


Wirtschaftsdienst 99 (2019), Nr.7, S.516-518
ISSN: 0043-6275
ISSN: 1613-978X
Fraunhofer FIT ()

Even though hybrid employment in Germany is still male-dominated, increasing numbers of women decide to work in self-employment as a second job. This hybrid self-employment is typically not an opportunity for the affected person but rather a necessary move in order to secure income. Using the 2011-2015 Mikrozensus data collected by the German Federal Statistical Office, I analyze how hybrid employment has evolved over time with a special focus on gender and sector-specific differences. The results show an increase in women working in hybrid jobs, with the increase in self-employment taking place mainly in low-wage sectors.