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Macroscopic and microscopic residual stresses in ceramics due to contact loading

: Pfeiffer, W.; Rombach, M.

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International Centre for Diffraction Data; Univ. of Denver, Department of Engineering:
46th Annual Denver X-Ray Conference 1997 and U.S. X-TOP '97 Symposium. CD-ROM
S.l., 1999 (Advances in x-ray analysis 41)
Annual Denver X-Ray Conference <46, 1997, Steamboat Springs/Colo.>
U.S. X-TOP Symposium <1997, Steamboat Springs/Colo.>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IWM ()
residual stress; silicon nitride; ceramic; contact loading

The paper deals with microplastic deformation and macroscopic residual stresses in silicon nitride ceramics due to contact loading and their effect on the near-surface strength. Depth-resolving X-ray residual stress measurements on shot peened samples detect high microplastic deformation and macroscopic compressive residual stresses up to 1.3 Gpa at the surface decreasing to zero within 10 pm. These high compressive stresses enhance the load bearing capacity in the ball-on plate test up to 50 % compared to polished samples.