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Fluorescent liquid crystals with rod-shaped π-conjugated hydrocarbon core

: Buchs, J.; Geßner, A.; Heyne, B.; Janietz, D.; Sawade, H.


Liquid crystals 46 (2019), Nr.2, S.281-298
ISSN: 0267-8292
ISSN: 1366-5855
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF (Deutschland)
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Calamitic fluorophores are presented possessing either two phenylethylene or phenylacetylene fragments which are connected via an aromatic entity. The new compounds exhibit smectic C and/or nematic liquid crystalline phases. The chromophores show fluorescence in the blue spectral region. Grafting acrylate functional groups to the termini of naphthalene centred members of the rod-shaped dyes provides new luminescent reactive mesogens. Uniaxial orientation of mixed systems of the acrylate fluorophores with non-emissive reactive benzoate nematogens was achieved by surface-assisted alignment on polyimide orientation layers. The photocrosslinked oriented films display linear polarised photoluminescence upon isotropic excitation.