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Performance comparison of advanced power electronic packages for automotive applications

: Dieckerhoff, S.; Guttowski, S.; Reichl, H.

Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile -SIA-:
International Conference on Automotive Power Electronics 2006. Conference Proceedings. CD-ROM : 21.-22.06.2006, Paris, France
Paris, 2006
International Conference on Automotive Power Electronics <2006, Paris>
Fraunhofer IZM ()

The paper presents an overview over advanced power electronic package solutions for multi-chip modules. To assess their thermal performance, simulation models of the packages are analysed regarding the temperature distribution in the assemblies. The improvement which may be achieved with double-sided cooling of the modules is simulated and compared to the standard chip & wire module. From the simulations, the transient impedance of the chip?s hot-spot is derived and further processed in an automotive case study.