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Interaction of fiber matrix bonding in SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composites

: Schönfeld, Katrin; Klemm, Hagen


Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 (2019), Nr.13, S.3557-3565
ISSN: 0955-2219
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
SiC / SiC composites; CMC; sintering; ceramic filler; fiber matrix bonding; PIP

Non-oxide ceramic matrix composites (CMC) based on SiC fibers with SiC matrix were fabricated by polymer infiltration and pyrolysis (PIP) and characterized regarding their microstructural features and their mechanical properties. The fiber preform was made using winding technology. During the winding process, the SiC fiber roving was impregnated by a slurry containing SiC powder and sintering additives (Y2O3, Al2O3 and SiO2). This already helped to achieve a partial matrix formation during the preform fabrication. In this way, the number of PIP cycles to achieve composites with less than 10% open porosity could be reduced significantly. Additionally, damage-tolerant properties of the composites were obtained by an optimal design of the matrix properties although only uncoated fibers were used. Finally, composites with a strength level of about 500 MPa and a damage-tolerant fracture behavior with about 0.4% strain to failure were obtained.