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Social acceptance of catenary hybrid trucks in Germany - first results from the accompanying research of eWayBW

Paper presented at 3rd Electric Road Systems Conference 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 7th to 8th of May 2019
: Scherrer, Aline; Burghard, Uta

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2019, 5 S.
Electric Road Systems Conference (ERS) <3, 2019, Frankfurt am Main>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Catenary hybrid trucks (CHT) are one possible electric road system which has been proposed to reduce GHG emissions in heavy road transport. As an addition to previous studies on technical and economic feasibility, this study focuses on the social acceptance of the technology. Based on a survey, interviews and content analyses of newspaper articles, market acceptance and socio-political acceptance are assessed. First results show that early market acceptance can be found with associated companies but other logistics companies take an observant stance. Overall positive newspaper coverage indicates socio-political acceptance with additional dynamics unfolding in the local field trial context.