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Smart Factory - Bridging the gap between digital planning and reality

: Westkämper, Engelbert; Jendoubi, Lamine; Eissele, Mike; Ertl, Thomas

Manufacturing Systems. Proceedings of the CIRP Seminars on Manufacturing Systems 35 (2006), Nr.4, S.307-314
ISSN: 0176-3377
ISSN: 0350-9702
Fraunhofer IPA ()
smart factory; ubiquitous computing; augmented reality; real time system; Stuttgarter Modell

In basic research projects the Stuttgart model of adaptive, changeable, and virtual enterprises has been formulated. Regarding to this model a new perspective with the usage of ubiquitous computing is discussed, which allows the collection and distribution of information and knowledge at all places of work. This information is used to bridge the gap between digital planning and work shop reality. The approach is a dynamic system that manages production fluctuations using decentralized communication, planning and information support. Using a meta-model o fthe smart factory location, sensor integration, and communication structures are developed that are integrated into an augment reality device. This provides a decentralized system, which uses intelligent manufacturing equipment in order to accomplish a highly flexible production as well as a feedback tool to further reduce inefficient preparation results. As a result a minimun in comlexity, costs, and time consumption is created. In this paper, the potential and architecture of smart factories based on wireless communication, location technologies, augmented reality and integrated sensors are presented with a focus on real-time data to manage mobile resources in the production environment.