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Tutorial: Passive radar tutorial

: Kuschel, Heiner; Cristallini, Diego; Olsen, Karl Erik


IEEE aerospace and electronic systems magazine 34 (2019), Nr.2, S.2-19
ISSN: 0885-8985
Fraunhofer FHR ()

Passive Radar signifying the localisation of a target by radar measurements without using own controlled emissions has been discussed, tried, reinvented, and matured within the last 80 years. Its advantages, like covert operation and saving the costs of a transmitter, are obvious. Military as well as civilian interests combined with the advances in technological developments have recently boosted research on passive radar and passive radar systems are currently approaching the market. This tutorial shall give an overview of the history, development, and processing in passive radar and enable the interested reader to further investigate the subject exploiting the presented material together with the cited references.