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Hybrid laser beam welding - classification, characteristics, and applications

: Mahrle, A.; Beyer, E.


Journal of laser applications : JLA 18 (2006), Nr.3, S.169-180
ISSN: 1042-346X
Fraunhofer IWS ()
industrial application; process behavior; process arrangement; induction laser welding; laser-arc welding; hybrid welding; laser beam welding

Hybrid laser welding technologies can be defined as the combination of a high quality laser heat source with an additional secondary heat source. Based on such a definition, known hybrid techniques are classified by the type of the heat sources used as well as their arrangement relative to each other. The classification is followed by a discussion of different theoretical aspects occuring during a hybrid laser beam welding process concerning the plasma characteristics and the resultant temperature distribution of the superposed heat sources. Finally, some practical examples demonstrate how the potential of hybrid technologies can be used to extend the application spectrum of the laser beam welding process.