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New methods for feature-line extraction from point clouds

Méthodes d'extraction de lignes à partir d'un nuage de points
: Schuhmann, N.

Roth-Koch, Sabine (Technical Committee):
Numérisation 3D - Scanning - 2001. Actes des conférences : 4 et 5 avril 2001, Paris, Frankreich. Le Rendez-vous Européen Annuel de la Numérisation. Sixième Edition
Dinard, Frankreich: Harbour, 2001
Conference "Numérisation 3D" <6, 2001, Paris>
Conference "Scanning" <6, 2001, Paris>
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Informationstechnologie; information technology; reverse engineering; Punktwolke; point cloud; feature-line; CAD

Feature lines are substantial means for the segmentation of measured point clouds, especially if a surface model has to be generated from the data. In this article, methods for the automated extraction of feature lines from measured or scanned point clouds will be described. These methods can be applied to points from anay sensor since they do not require sorted or edited data sets. The mathematical basis for the feature line extraction, experimental results and the limits of the methods will be presented.