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In-situ damage evaluation of pure ice under high rate compressive loading

: Isakov, Matti; Lange, Janin; Kilchert, Sebastian; May, Michael

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Materials 12 (2019), Nr.8, Art. 1236, 16 S.
ISSN: 1996-1944
European Commission EC
H2020; CleanSky 2
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ice; high rate loading; compressive loading; Split Hopkinson Bar; in-situ fractography

The initiation and propagation of damage in pure ice specimens under high rate compressive loading at the strain rate range of 100 s−1 to 600 s−1 was studied by means of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar measurements with incorporated high-speed videography. The results indicate that local cracks in specimens can form and propagate before the macroscopic stress maximum is reached. The estimated crack velocity was in the range of 500 m/s to 1300 m/s, i.e., lower than, but in similar order of magnitude as the elastic wave speed within ice. This gives reason to suspect that already at this strain rate the specimen is not deforming under perfect force equilibrium when the first cracks initiate and propagate. In addition, in contrast to quasi-static experiments, in the high rate experiments the specimens showed notable residual load carrying capacity after the maximum stress. This was related to dynamic effects in fractured ice particles, which allowed the specimen to carry compressive load even in a highly damaged state.