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Decision Support for Tactical Planning

A Use Case of the Infralert Project. Published on Zenodo
: Kandler, Ute; Simroth, Axel; Morgado, João; Duarte, Emanuel

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2018, 10 S.
Transport Research Arena Conference (TRA) <7, 2018, Vienna>
European Commission EC
H2020; 636496; INFRALERT
Linear Infrastructure Efficiency Improved by Automated Learning and Optimised Predictive Maintenance Techniques
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optimisation under uncertainties; modeling; Monte Carlo rollout; Planning Problem; tactical planning; Multi Objectives

The final objective of the INFRALERT system is to provide Infrastructure Managers/Owners and MaintenanceOperators/Contractors with intelligent software tools to support the decision-making process when planning maintenanceactivities and interventions. We focus on the application of INFRALERT for tactical planning in the roadpilot in Portugal, where the maintenance department has to allocate major interventions over a 5-year time horizon.The tactical planning has to optimise simultaneously the maintenance intervention costs, the quality indexand the availability of the network. The allocation and selection of interventions in the tactical plan is based on themaintenance alerts generated by the INFRALERT Alert Management toolkit, which is based on predicted futureconditions coming from the Asset Condition toolkit. The corresponding mathematical optimisation model whichreflects the uncertainty in the problem description has been developed as foundation for the decision support tool.The handling of uncertain information in the decision support tool is done by applying a scenario approach.