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Development of a UPnP service for context-management

: Gual, Isaac
: Nazari Shirehjini, Ali A.

Darmstadt, 2006, 152 S.
Darmstadt, Hochschule, Master Thesis, 2006
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Context-Awareness; ambient intelligence; application development

The main goal of this project is the Definition and implementation of an UPnP-based Environment Monitoring system allowing querying distributed context information based on existing formal environment model, focused in a Presentation Scenario.
As the project is focused in the Presentation scenario all the definitions are based in the characteristics of a presentation, but that doesn't means that it doesn't works in other scenarios. As explained in the design chapter to understand the Presentation scenario a User study has been made. With this study the identification of the situation of the scenario is achieved. After it the events and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) needed for the system have been defined. As told, both are focused in presentation but the most of them are applicable in a generic meeting or in an Office scenario.
Related with the implementation, the first important information is that the environment monitoring system is based in UPnP (a protocol for decentralized systems), and is suitable for the AmI systems. The location-Aware Device Discovery component (implemented partially in a previous project) is included in the Environment monitor. This service has to manage the location and identification of the environment and sent it to the environment monitor.
The sensor layer has to be used for the Environment Monitoring system. For that reason the system has to adapt to the functionalities of the devices that are part of this layer, as for example the Aware Chair.