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Multimaterial components by material extrusion-fused filament fabrication (ME-FFF) - Production of an infrared heater

: Kukla, Christian; Cano, Santiago; Moritz, Tassilo; Müller-Köhn, Axel; Courtney, P.; Hampel, Stefan; Holzer, Clemens

Ceramic forum international : CFI. Berichte der Deutschen Keramischen Gesellschaft 96 (2019), Nr.3, S.E22-E27
ISSN: 0173-9913
European Commission EC
H2020; 678503; CerAMfacturing
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) is a type of Material Extrusion (ME) Additive Manufacturing (AM) and it is one of the most commonly used polymer-based AM techniques. FFF could also be used to produce green parts with complex geometry out of feedstocks nd after debinding and sintering a full metal or ceramic part is obtained. FFF offers the possibility of combining different materials. In polymers, this is a relatively easy operation. But for the production of ceramic and/or metal parts consisting of different materials this is a challenging task. First, the materials to be combined have to show a similar thermal expansion coefficient, then their powders have to sinter similarly and additionally, both feedstocks have to be printable in the same machine and to show a comparable debinding behaviour. Here, the complete processing route for a multimaterial Infrared (IR) heater out of steel and zirconia will be shown with a first evaluation of its performance. The new production process allows the customisation of IR heaters, which is unique and technically unachievable by traditional processes.