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Extension of one-dimensional models for hyperelastic string structures under Coulomb friction with adhesion

: Shiryaev, V.; Neusius, D.; Orlik, J.

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Lubricants 6 (2018), Nr.2, Art. 33, 18 S.
ISSN: 2075-4442
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A stretching behavior of knitted and woven textiles is modeled. In our work, the yarns are modeled as one-dimensional hyperelastic strings with frictional contact. Capstan law known for Coulomb’s friction of yarns is extended to an additional adhesion due to gluing of filaments on the yarn surface or some chemical reaction. Two-step Newton’s method is applied for the solution of the large stretching with sliding evolution in the contact nodes. The approach is illustrated on a hysteresis of knitted textile and on the force-strain curve for a woven pattern and both compared with experimental effective curves.