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Alternative process routes to manufacture porous ceramics - Opportunities and challenges

: Scheithauer, Uwe; Kerber, Florian; Füssel, Alexander; Holtzhausen, Stefan; Beckert, Wieland; Schwarzer, Eric; Weingarten, Steven; Michaelis, Alexander

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Materials 12 (2019), Nr.4, Art. 663, 18 S.
ISSN: 1996-1944
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF (Deutschland)
Zwanzig20; 03ZZ0208A; FunGeoS
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porous; ceramic; additive manufacturing; multimaterial part; multiproperty; CerAMfacturing; CerAM VPP; CerAM T3DP; CerAM Replica; 3D printing

Porous ceramics can be realized by different methods and are used for various applications such as cross-flow membranes or wall-flow filters, porous burners, solar receivers, structural design elements, or catalytic supports. Within this paper, three different alternative process routes are presented, which can be used to manufacture porous ceramic components with different properties or even graded porosity. The first process route is based on additive manufacturing (AM) of macro porous ceramic components. The second route is based on AM of a polymeric template, which is used to realize porous ceramic components via replica technique. The third process route is based on an AM technology, which allows the manufacturing of multimaterial or multiproperty ceramic components, like components with dense and porous volumes in one complex-shaped component.