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Secure iLearning

: Graf, F.

Steinmetz, R. ; International Federation for Information Processing -IFIP-, Technical Committee 6, Communication Systems; International Federation for Information Processing -IFIP-, Technical Committee 11, Security and Protection in Information Processing Systems:
Communications and Multimedia Security Issues of the new Century
Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001
ISBN: 0-7923-7365-0
IFIP TC6/TC11 Joint Working Conference on Communcations and Multimedia Security (CMS) <5, 2001, Darmstadt>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
secure learning; internet security; intranet security; watermarking

This paper discusses the specific security requirements of Internet-based learn-ing. Two concrete solutions for improving the degree of security achievable are shown. First a framework for secure testing is introduced. This framework pre-vents manipulation from the side of the students during learning. Thus allowing a reliable control of learning success. The second solution presented deals with the problem of confidentiality and protection of copyright. By establishing a life-long control of the copyright owner over his documents it prevents illegitimate access and redistribution.