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An agenda for service research at the base of the pyramid

: Gebauer, Heiko; Reynoso, Javier


Journal of service management 24 (2013), Nr.5, S.482-502
ISSN: 1757-5818
Fraunhofer MOEZ ( IMW) ()
base of pyramid; bibliographic method; inclusive business; research priorities; Service Management

– The article aims to combine research priorities in the service domain with the emerging topic of service management for the base of the pyramid (BoP). This combination allows us to construct an agenda for service research at the BoP.
– The paper uses bibliographic methods for structuring the BoP contributions, and a literature review for the current research priorities in the service domain.
– First, the paper highlights the main topics in the emerging BoP debate. Second, the paper constructs a research agenda for service management at the BoP. This agenda can guide service researchers in the selection of feasible empirical fields, support them in finding appropriate research designs, and finally, help them to develop suitable theoretical perspectives.
Research limitations/implications
– Limitations arise from the literature review and bibliographic methods themselves.
Practical implications
– Service research on the BoP provides new ideas for practitioners interested in learning about BoP markets, strategies, and entrepreneurial initiatives.
Social implications
– Understanding the need to explore BoP activities is fundamental to working with a huge segment of society, not only as passive consumers, but also as genuine entrepreneurs capable of creating and managing “inclusive” innovations.
– The research agenda for future service management offers a relevant source of ideas and guidance for interested researchers to rethink their empirical fields, research approaches, and theoretical perspectives.