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Structural Loading of Cellular Metals

Damage Mechanisms and Standardization Concepts
: Krupp, Ulrich; Hipke, Thomas; Nesic, Srecko


Tang, H.:
Porous metals and metallic foams : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 10th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams (MetFoam 2017), September 14-17, 2017, Nanjing, China
Zurich: TTP, 2018 (Materials Science Forum 933)
ISBN: 978-3-0357-1231-5
International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams (MetFoam) <10, 2017, Nanjing>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Zugfestigkeitsprüfung; Dauerschwingprüfung; Rissausbreitung; Metallschaum; Ermüdungstest; Sprödbruch; Dauerbeanspruchung; Druckprüfung; Ausscheidungsprodukt; Aluminiumgusslegierung; geschlossene Zelle; Mikrostruktur; Schädigungsmechanismus; Elektronenmikroskopie; Prüfnorm; Leitfaden; Vielzellmaterial

Structural loading of cellular metals is strongly affected by brittle fracture of cell struts and walls that exhibit tensile loads, e.g., during fatigue loading. The present paper summarizes results of compression, tension and cyclic loading experiments on various closed-cell metal foams and metal foam sandwiches (Alulight, Alporas, Foamtech, AFS) using various mechanical testing systems. The results were correlated with a thorough analysis of the cellular mesostructure and the cell strut/wall microstructure by means of scanning electron microscopy revealing defects, such as casting porosity and large Si precipitates in the Al-Si eutectic of aluminum cast alloy. The results of the work served for the definition of testing standards for compression testing (ISO 13314) and tensile testing (DIN 50099), which are outlined in the paper. Such standards and design guidelines are crucial for a successful implementation of cellular metals in innovative products in mechanical, automotive and energy engineering as well as in bioengineering.