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Impacts of the digitalised car on logistics

Paper presented at 25th Annual EurOMA Conference, 24-26 June 2018, Budapest, Hungary
: Fruhner, Daniel; Klingebiel, Katja; Pawlikowski, Konrad; Toth, Michael

2018, 10 S.
European Operations Management Association (EurOMA International Annual Conference) <25, 2018, Budapest>
Fraunhofer IML ()
digitalised car; logistical impact; product representation
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The digitisation of the car has introduced new and changed dependencies (NC-Dependencies) among components, e.g. the compatibility of hardware and software. Therefore, the current form of the product representation does not adequately document the new technical interrelations of components. A three-step approach (literature research, interviews and analysis of OEM data) has been followed to identify clusters of NC-Dependencies to examine their impact on logistics. The analysis and integration of dependencies between the components in the product representation is essential to assure their availability and in parallel to reduce the risk of obsolescence and recalls.