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Numerical and experimental investigations for hot metal gas forming of stainless steel X2CrTiNb18

Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zur temperierten Innenhochdruck-Umformung des rostfreien Edelstahls X2CrTiNb18
: Reuther, Franz; Mosel, Andre; Freytag, Peter; Lambarri, Jon; Degenkolb, Lars; Werner, M.; Winter, S.


Procedia manufacturing 27 (2019), S.112-117
ISSN: 2351-9789
Internationale Konferenz "Accuracy in Forming Technology" (ICAFT) <6, 2018, Chemnitz>
Sächsische Fachtagung Umformtechnik (SFU) <25, 2018, Chemnitz>
International Lower Silesia-Saxony Conference on Advanced Metal Forming Processes in Automotive Industry (AutoMetForm) <6, 2018, Chemnitz>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IWU ()
hot metal gas forming; stainless steel; simulation

The article deals with the numerical modeling of hot metal gas forming (HMGF) of ferritic stainless steel X2CrTiNb18 with conductive heating using a demonstration part. In this context, in particular, the locally existing strains are considered under varying local temperature and strain rate conditions. The evaluation of the simulation results is finally carried out on the basis of measured thinning profiles of experimental parts. The basic curve character is correctly reflected in the simulation results. However, there are component areas with very good agreement as well as with larger deviations of the remaining wall thickness. Finally, possible causes of deviations are highlighted. A more extensive provision of information from the experiments is considered to be essential for an improvement of the simulation accuracy (e.g. temperature distribution of the tube at forming start, measurement of the radial tube forming during pressure build-up).