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SmartSensX. Ein Konzept für vernetzte tragbare Sensoren zur Anwendung in der Softrobotik und Mensch Maschine Interaktion

: Hackbart, R.; Kostelnik, J.; Kuschan, Jan; Schmidt, Henning; Krüger, Jörg; Vieroth, R.; Lang, K.-D.

3. Transdisziplinäre Konferenz "Technische Unterstützungssysteme, die die Menschen wirklich wollen" 2018 : 11. und 12. Dezember 2018, Hamburg
Hamburg, 2018
ISBN: 978-3-86818-245-3
Transdisziplinäre Konferenz "Technische Unterstützungssysteme, die die Menschen wirklich wollen" <3, 2018, Hamburg>
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung BMBF (Deutschland)
16SV7314; PowerGrasp
Fraunhofer IPK ()
wearable electronic; smart robotic; soft robotics; Exoskeleton; TWINflex

Technical support systems, such as soft orthotic assistive robots or exoskeletons, provide an additional level of interaction between humans and the environment. Knowledge of physical parameters (e.g. speed, distance, etc.) in this level enables the use of active, controlled support mechanisms. Therefore, in the context of support systems close to the human body and in soft robotics, it is necessary to develop "soft sensor systems" that present new possibilities in design and application. SmartSensX is the implementation of a sensor network consisting of a main unit and several sensor modules with inertial sensors worn close to the body. The sensor modules have the character of embedded systems – they can be connected or disconnected during operation (plug and play). The concept enables the integration of various other sensor types by using a common transmission protocol. Data transfer takes place by wire on elastic, skin-compatible printed circuit boards made of polyurethane (TWINflex-Stretch) or textile-integrated on e-textiles. Another possibility for data transfer between the main unit and sensor modules is the USB 3.1 Type C interface. The sensor modules are arranged in a bus topology. Differential signal transmission is used to increase the sensor modules’ robustness against signal noise. The measured values of the sensor network are recorded, processed, and transmitted in real time.