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Foundations in Germany: A portrait

: Anheier, Helmut K.; Förster, Sarah; Mangold, Janina; Striebing, Clemens


American behavioral scientist : ABS 62 (2018), Nr.12, S.1639-1669
ISSN: 0002-7642
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The article presents the findings of a research project on the roles and positioning of foundations in Germany, with a focus on the fields of education, higher education, social services, and arts and culture. Results show that fields as well as differences in size and mode of operation are key to understanding the roles and positioning of foundations. Germany is a coordinated market economy with a conservative welfare regime and a corporatist nonprofit sector. However, especially the latter of the two characteristics is gradually changing, and foundations are moving away from a state orientation toward a greater civil society focus.