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Framing microgrid design from a business and information systems engineering perspective

A framework and agenda for research
: Sachs, Thomas; Gründler, Anna; Rusic, Milos; Fridgen, Gilbert

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Business & information systems engineering 61 (2019), Nr.6, S.729-744
ISSN: 1867-0202
ISSN: 0937-6429
ISSN: 2363-7005
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microgrid; renewable energy source; framework; literature review; research agenda; green IS; energy informatic

Microgrids are decentralized distribution networks that integrate distributed energy resources and balance energy generation and loads locally. The introduction of microgrids can help overcome the challenges of global energy systems. Despite this potential, the information systems domain has seen limited research on microgrids. This paper synthesizes research on elements of microgrids for electric energy. Interviewed experts maintain that technological microgrid solutions have been solidly developed; nevertheless, the lack of economic and business consideration is stalling their deployment. The authors argue that business and information systems engineering research can provide integrated perspectives that connect technology and markets. Consequently, the authors derive a framework from an extensive interdisciplinary literature review that structures the academic state of the art on microgrid design and could guide associated information systems research. The framework comprises four layers: energy technology and infrastructure, information and communication infrastructure, application systems, and governance. The authors evaluate the framework in interviews with 15 experts from industry and three from academia. Their feedback allows to iteratively refine the framework and point out research directions on microgrids in business and information systems engineering.