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Antenna array codebook with beamforming coefficients adapted to an arbitrary antenna response of the antenna array

: Großmann, Marcus; Landmann, Markus; Ramireddy, Venkatesh

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EP 3358754 A1: 20170202
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A transmitter includes an antenna array (202, 304) having a plurality of antennas for a wireless communication with one or more receivers, and a precoder (204) connected to the antenna array (202, 304), the precoder (204) to apply a set of beamforming weights to the antenna array (202, 304), the set of beamforming weights selected from a codebook (212) to form by the antenna array (202, 304) one or more transmit/receive beams or nulls pointing in selected directions. The codebook (212) includes a plurality of sets of beamforming weights for a plurality of directions. The beamforming weights in the codebook (212) are based on a first antenna array response matrix(A( l p, &thgr;),A ( h )(ϕ,&thgr;),A( V )(