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Optical communication system and method

: Jungnickel, Volker; Schmidt, Christian

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WO 2017211413 A1: 20160608
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to an optical communication system and method, the system comprising at least two optical channels for communicating optical data signals; at least one optical filter arrangement (5, 50) for compensating distortions of the optical data signals communicated via the optical channels and/or crosstalk between the optical channels, wherein the optical filter arrangement (5, 50) comprises at least one optical filter (OFij) assigned to one of the optical channels and at least one optical filter (OFij) assigned to the other one of the optical channels, and wherein each one of the optical filters (OFij) is configurable in such a way that different wavelength components of an incoming optical signal will be modified individually.