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Optimal utilization of renewable energy in aquaponic systems

: Karimanzira, Divas; Rauschenbach, Thomas

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Energy & power engineering 10 (2018), Nr.6, S.279-300
ISSN: 1949-243X
ISSN: 1947-3818
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Aquaponic systems require energy in different forms, heat, solar radiation, electricity etc. Typical actuator components of an aquaponic system include pumps, aerators, heaters, coolers, feeders, propagators, lights, etc., which need electrical energy to operate. Hybrid Energy Systems (HES) can help in improving the economic and environmental sustainability of aquaponic systems with respect to energy aspects. Energy management is one of the key issues in operating the HES, which needs to be optimized with respect to the current and future change in generation, demand, and market price, etc. In this paper, a Decision Support System (DSS) for optimal energy management of an aquaponic system that integrates different energy sources and storage mechanisms according to priorities will be presented. The integrated model consists of photovoltaic and solar thermal modules, wind turbine, hydropower, biomass plant, CHP, gas boiler, energy and heat storage systems and access to the power grid and district heating. The results show that the proposed method can significantly increase the utilization of HES and reduce the exchange with the power grid and district heating and consequently reduce running costs.