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Boron-doped diamond with improved oxidation resistance

: Herrmann, Mathias; Matthey, Björn; Gestrich, Tim


Diamond and Related Materials 92 (2019), S.47-52
ISSN: 0925-9635
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
diamond; boron-doped; oxidation resistance

The oxidation behavior of pure and 0.2 wt.% B-containing diamond powders was investigated by thermal analysis, SEM analysis, and Raman spectroscopy of partially oxidized diamonds. Boron-doped diamond exhibited a much higher oxidation stability than that of pure diamond. The maximum oxidation rate shifted from 773 °C for the pure diamond to 1118 °C for the Bdoped diamond. SEM analysis of the surface of the partially oxidized diamonds revealed that the low boron content (0.2%) was sufficient for the formation of a protective B2O3 surface layer in the regions in which active oxidation took place. This layer was most probably the reason for the improved oxidation resistance.