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Impact of smart services to current value networks

: Rabe, M.; Kühn, A.; Dumitrescu, R.; Mittag, T.; Schneider, M.; Gausemeier, J.

Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5 (2018), Nr.4, Special Issue, S.1-11
ISSN: 1823-5514
ISSN: 2550-164X
International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME) <5, 2017, Krabi>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IEM ()

Promising market offerings are increasingly based on the close interaction of physical products and accompanying services - this is expresses by the term product service systems. A new trend is the expansion of the product service systems by data-driven, intelligent services (called Smart Service). Examples include predictive maintenance or automated re-ordering of consumables and materials. Such enhancements can significantly help to secure the customer interface and generate additional profitable business with new revenue models, such as pay-per-use rather than selling a machine. To take advantage of this opportunity, companies must develop promising Smart Services and implement them in their value network. The present paper shows the necessary steps for a company. The first step shows methods for the conception of Smart Services. The second step is the analysis of the current value networks. A comparison of the new functions and requirements of the Smart Services with the value network leads to effects and necessary changes. In the last step, changes are translated into a roadmap for implementation.