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Locating equipment for exact determination of strip geometrical parameters in the complicated production conditions

: Fischer, B.; Krauthäuser, H.; Krebs, C.; Gütgemann, S.; Nüßler, D.

Cernye Metally = Ferrous metals (2018), Nr.5, S.29-33
ISSN: 0132-0890
Fraunhofer FHR ()

Exact determination of the strip geometrical parameters (first of all its width) can be realized in hot rolling mills using radar locating equipment and sensors. The developed system has been effectively tested and optimized in the roughing group of the rolling mill at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. The final version was put into operation in 2017, and strip measuring is conducted reliably, accurately and without any obstacles. Technical maintenance includes the required periodical cleaning of teflon windows in a radar shell. As soon as the system emits rather low capacity (appr. 10 Mwt), and frequency is chosen from a wide range, its operation in the mill is not restricted at all. The compact construction allows to provide integration in the small production sites. Individual compatibility of the system parameters to the measuring width and to the measurement area allows to use radar location width measurements both for slabs and cold-rolled strip. Thereby these radar location technologies suggest solving of such measuring problems that could not be solved by the existed technologies due to complicated production conditions.