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KaraKter: An autonomously interacting Karate Kumite character for VR-based training and research

: Zhang, Liang; Brunnett, Guido; Petri, Katharina; Danneberg, Marco; Masik, Steffen; Bandow, Nicole; Witte, Kerstin


Computers and Graphics 72 (2018), S.59-69
ISSN: 0097-8493
Fraunhofer IFF ()

We report on the creation of an autonomous Karate Kumite character (KaraKter) that can be used for VR based training and research in Karate Kumite. For the real time interaction with KaraKter, a human athlete is tracked in a virtual environment. KaraKter moves in Karate specific ways, approaches the athlete and realizes adequate attacks depending on the behavior of the human. KaraKter passed tests on functionality and performance and has been evaluated by high ranking Karate experts. The evaluation showed that the athletes accept KaraKter as an actual opponent. All experts rated the system to be useful in the training of Karate Kumite.