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Quantum dot materials for improved autostereoscopic color filter display designs

: Bartmann, R.; Barré, René de la; Kuhlmey, M.


Journal of the Society for Information Display 26 (2018), Nr.9, S.534-545
ISSN: 1071-0922
ISSN: 1938-3657
Fraunhofer HHI ()

In previous publications, we investigated and discussed wavelength selective autostereoscopic 3D arrangements, consisting of common LCD and RGB‐color filter barriers. We determined computed advantages of wavelength selective barriers compared with conventional barriers like lenticular and parallax barriers. An experimental demonstration showed no satisfactory results using commercial displays. The broad band wavelength spectra of backlights and filter technology resulted in high crosstalk and undesirable moiré effects. Nowadays, LCDs with quantum dot materials have come into the market and compete with OLED by improved color depth and High Dynamic Range. In this paper, we describe how to improve the characteristics of autostereoscopic displays by using quantum dot materials and show the benefits of this technology in combination with novel color filter designs.