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Acute effects of Iodixanol on renal function after intra-arterial administration in patients with end-stage kidney disease

: Gerk, U.; Franke, R.P.; Krüger-Genge, A.; Jung, F.


Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation 70 (2018), Nr.4, S.391-398
ISSN: 1386-0291
ISSN: 1875-8622
Fraunhofer IAP ()

Background: Contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI), a potentially life-threatening complication of iodinated contrast media in patients with impaired renal function, has attracted increasing attention in recent years. There is overwhelming evidence that the most important pre-disposing factor for a contrast-medium induced nephropathy is the pre-existence of a renal impairment.
Methods: The registry was performed as a part of a quality management project in the Dresden-Friedrichstadt heart catheter laboratory. In compliance with the Declaration of Helsinki/Somerset West, 9,026 patients were included between 2010 and 2015. 100 patients of these were participants in a chronic dialysis program. All patients were dialyzed on the day before angiography. In all patients a coronary angiography, in 28 patients a stent implantation and in 12 patients a surgical reconstruction had to be performed. Prior to the intervention and one, two and three days thereafter the serum creatinine was measured.
Results: Up to the third day after application of the iodinated contrast medium no significant changes of the serum creatinine (baseline value: 423.3±42.6μmol/l) occurred (ANOVA for repeated measures: p = 0.507). On average, a slight decrease of the serum creatinine was found.All patients remained in their routine dialysis-program. 22 out of 115 patients (19.1%) died during the next three months after the procedure.
Conclusion: The study revealed that the coronary angiography using Iodixanol as iodinated contrast medium did not result in an increase of serum creatinine, which was drastically elevated in these patients before application of the iodinated contrast medium.