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Wavelength-selective 4H-SiC UV-sensor array

: Matthus, C.D.; Bauer, A.J.; Frey, L.; Erlbacher, T.


Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 90 (2019), S.205-211
ISSN: 1369-8001
Fraunhofer IISB ()
ion implantation; photodiode; semiconductor diodes; ultraviolet device; external quantum efficiency; monolithically integrated; photolithography mask; process technology; SiC PiN diode; spectral responsivity; UV sensor; wavelength-selective; silicon carbide

In this work, monolithically integrated wavelength-selective 4H-SiC UV-sensor arrays were manufactured using two photolithography masks and only one implantation sequence demonstrating the potential of the advanced 4H-SiC process technology for the first time. The process technology is described in detail for the fabrication of a 2 × 2 wavelength-sensitive UV-sensor array including two variants with different thicknesses of the p-emitter. The maximum spectral responsivity is 92 mA/W for a wavelength of 300 nm and the devices with a thick p-emitter and 162 mA/W for a wavelength of 290 nm and devices with the thin p-emitter. The corresponding values of the external quantum efficiency are 38%, and 69%, respectively. Furthermore, another UV-sensor characteristic is found evaluating the current difference between both types with a maximum spectral responsivity of 80.2 mA/W at a wavelength of 270 nm.