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Surface pre-treatment of magnesium with Nd:YAG laser

Oberflächenvorbehandlung von Magnesium mit Nd:YAG Laser
: Jansen, I.; Beyer, E.

Beijing Adhesion Society of China:
3rd World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena, WCARP-III 2006. Proceedings : October 15 -18, 2006, Beijing, China
Beijing: Beijing Adhesion Society of China, 2006
World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena (WCARP) <3, 2006, Beijing>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Neodym-YAG-Laser; Magnesium; Oberflächenreinigen; Kleben=Verbinden; Vorbehandlung; Korrosionsschutz

For good adhesion between magnesium and the adhesive, as well as for corrosion prevention, the surface must always be pre-treated. Dry techniques for this purpose are plasma and laser treatment. Laser treatment could be done with any laser system in the range from UV to IR but is usually done with pulsed Nd:YAG-lasers or CO2 -lasers. This paper introduces the Nd:YAG-laser (1064 nm) as a suitable tool for pre-treating the magnesium surface. It is shown that depending on laser beam and process parameters, the surface is cleaned, roughened and partially remelted. Within a certain parameter range of the applied Nd:YAG-laser beam, a significantly higher strength of the glued joint has been observed also after accelerated ageing. The advantages of the laser technique compared with the conventional chemical or mechanical techniques consist in the excellent controllability, reproducibility, the feasibility of partial removal and the environmental harmlessness. Furthermore, it is well compatible with complex automated production processes and has low running costs. The pre-treated surfaces can be quantitatively characterized by measuring the contact angle and roughness, also by SEM/EDX, XPS, XRD and EIS.